Shower decoration code

Last week I wrote about embedding a meaning in artwork. Here's an example from my house back in the United States. We tiled the bathroom, and I embedded some of my wife's glass pieces in the cement. There were long squiggly pieces and small round pieces, perfect for dots and dashes to embed words in Morse code. At the head of the shower:   -.  .-  -.--  .-..  ---  .-.  ...

At the end of the tub the beautifully symmetric:  .-  -.  -.  .-

And along the side of the tub:  .--.  .-  --   and  --  ..  -.-  .   and  .--.  .  -  .  .-.   and --  .-  --.  --.  ..  .

It was fun making patterns with color and shapes and noticing patterns in the dots and dashes. And when it was done, it looked simply like a random design, but closer inspection hints at a structure that just might invite someone to look deeper. None of our visitors ever thought about, but I knew it was there and it make me happy every time.

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